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MSN Chinese Website Officially Annouced “Out of Service”

On June 7, 2016, MSN Chinese website officially “out of service”, switching from page news for the popular site labels. So far, the market in China more than 11 years, claiming that for white-collar users of Microsoft’s information portal exit.

Back in May 26, 2005. Day, MSN Messenger revision, MSN Chinese network while officially entered the Chinese market. In order to obtain Internet business license (ICP license), and Yahoo China portal, Microsoft and Chinese company according to equity ratio of 1 to 1, to set up a network communications Technology Co., Ltd., to provide information services.

In order to successfully enter China and localization, MSN Chinese network has been taken to channel outsourcing mode. From the initial nine partners, the last more than 30. Some executives MSN China had said the original reason for outsourcing is to “let the professional people to do professional things,” to avoid the risk of editorial content. But Yahoo and MSN China are Chinese network has shut down.

According to reports, in recent years, MSN repeated adjustments: in March 2015, Microsoft announced business restructuring, will go to the Windows division’s MSN division; in June 2015, on the line after the redesigned MSN Chinese network, and plans to promote Windows other major platforms, iOS and Android. But these initiatives failed to turn the tide.

Has created a new mode of cooperation on this portal, “drained.” Why?

First, the Chinese Internet media competition, MSN Chinese net overwhelmed. In Chinese, has already formed a business portal Sina, Sohu, Netease, Tencent based pattern in the past 11 years, MSN Chinese network does not exceed any of the local portal. With the development of the Internet from the PC to the mobile terminal side, portals with varying degrees of recession, new media and other news clients such as rapid development. By contrast, MSN Chinese net only few characteristics, and lack of innovation.

Storm Group Makes More Invest on Sports Things

Announcements, storm sports business scope is mainly organizational culture and art exchange activities, research and development of wireless data terminal; sports project management; sales of electronic products, sporting goods pin textiles, clothing, shoes, daily necessities, communications equipment, computers, software and auxiliary equipment and ticketing agents.

Storm Group to enter the sports industry signs in announcing the first quarter of this year began to take shape. Feng Xin was in the “letter to shareholders” revealed three important tasks Storm technology in the future to do a year, of which two are involved in the sports industry.

Feng Xin has announced that this year his personal main focus will be placed on the layout of sports.

Then Feng Xin layout in the sports industry will gradually fall. This year, May 24, the investment by the storm of Science and Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of the storm, and China Everbright, a wholly owned subsidiary of securities Everbright Capital co-sponsored the establishment of the Shanghai dip Xin Investment Fund announced that it has completed the acquisition of the international sports media services company MP & Silva 65% stake .

Public information, MP & Silva’s operations include the 2016 UEFA competitions, the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, etc., covering more than 90 events worldwide property more than 200 countries and territories.

New Chances with the Development of Northern Australia

In July 2016, guards the northern gate of the Northern Territory of Australia will start the implementation of a total of up to $ 5 billion infrastructure project loans program, made clear vast areas in northern Australia was officially launched large-scale development activities. Northern Australia Development Program – through infrastructure development will be built into the program, North Australian important agro-export zones, and China “along the way” strategic fit, by the Chinese government’s continued concern and support. China State Development Bank Shanghai Branch, deputy head of the Working Group of Australia, Bangladesh High Commissioner for International Cooperation has just said that the foreseeable future will usher in major Australian companies cooperation in infrastructure in northern Australia, energy resources development, agricultural development and other fields opportunities, and the development of financial support will play a fundamental role in this, and to usher in new strategic opportunities:

China Initiative “along the way” construction and Australia, “Northern Development” program is butt-governmental cooperation between China and Australia hot, regional economic cooperation is an important content in the South Pacific region, China’s development finance institutions should seize opportunities, in-depth analysis support two strategic areas of cooperation and co-docking ideas.

By 2015, the Australian federal government announced 2015–2035 of northern development over the next 20 years development plan, and set up by the Minister of Industry, Ministry of Science and Innovation, and served as head of Northern Development Office.

To support the investment plan, the Australian Government has also developed a two-year, five, ten and twenty years of specific work plan, including the development of a more simple land policy, the development of water resources in the northern region, and promote trade and investment cooperation in Asia-Pacific countries, ordered to accelerate infrastructure projects in the northern region, to improve the quantity and quality of labor in northern and strengthening governmental and non-governmental organizations and other common management structure to facilitate the implementation of the construction of six areas.

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