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NetEase Youdao Continue Cultivating the Campus Market

Following the proper way English martial arts tournament held last year, NetEase Youdao dictionary continue cultivating the campus market. Recently, the first “way dictionary Singing World” 2016 Western Campus Singer Competition Finals held at Tsinghua University, the top three players from the three regional tournament, along with three of the most popular network “resurrection” of 12 players competing against strong, good sound annual competition for Western title. In the industry view, this is another important attempt NetEase Youdao dictionary innovative cross-border road.

It is understood that the hottest live platform also collective battle, except in the finals live way dictionary official platform outside, but also pepper, millet, betta, Netease bobo other platforms will be broadcast live off the audience or via PC phone watch live exciting events.

“Now mobile Internet environment for our Western provides more space for alternative learning,” Liu Ren Lei, vice president of NetEase proper way, “said last year either English or martial arts tournament of this year’s Western Campus Singer Competition, way dictionary been trying is through some interesting ways to mobilize the enthusiasm of everyone to learn, to help you better enjoy the pleasure of a foreign language. ”

Data show that the market share accounted for 80% of the way dictionary, based on 550 million users massing its absolute superiority, cohesion has become the most influential people learning English education platform.

High Cost of Logistics of Supermarket

High cost of logistics is perhaps one of the reasons Wal-Mart is currently testing the waters online shopping, store goods from mentioning mode. RT-Mart and NGS also try online shopping to the store from mentioning the way, but this model requires the retailer must have a sufficient geographical distribution, in order to meet customer delivery needs, otherwise the customer inconvenience delivery.

In the electricity supplier business landing logistics, Wal-Mart plans to work with real-time software Uber and other vehicles in the United States to test the water from Wal-Mart stores and Sam’s Club stores to provide customers with home delivery service. In order to pay for the convenience of customers, Wal-Mart also introduced similar to Apple Pay electronic payment business Walmart Pay, you can bind the customer’s credit card for payment. Currently Walmart Pay in the United States about 1,000 stores to test the water use plan by the end of June this year to cover the entire US market.

Many forced physical store business is not so good reasons to get involved in the electricity business retailers. RT-Mart retail giants in June 2013 voted to build online store Flying Cow network; Carrefour, Metro also has turned electricity supplier shopping business.

“Times are changing, now is the age of the Internet, customer needs and shopping patterns are changing, we have seen more guests need to save time, of course, they also want to get cheap at the same time, we tried to develop business electricity supplier, guests can purchase online, then pick up the line. “Dongming Lun disclosed.

The Central Bank Plan to Adjust Base Standards for Stock Market

The central bank said the move was to further improve the average fluctuation reserve assessment method, enhance the flexibility of liquidity management of financial institutions, smooth money market.

Simply put, the reserve formula for financial institutions to pay daily balance divided by the quasi-deposit base, less than the statutory deposit reserve ratio. September 2015, the central bank assessment of the implementation of the reserve averaging method, the molecular formula by the time points to the arithmetic average of the period; the denominator is also sucked by the time points to the average.

The quasi-base pay adjustment, the impact on the late payment of the registration are not the same. As the “red deposit” behavior is still banking quarter, so at the end of the end of March, June, September, December, and its prospective base pay will be lower than in the past; and deposit on the mid-end is reduced, after average but you may need to pay more reserves.

There is a market and bank estimates, several key point in the quarter, from ten days at the end of the mean value to ten days, pay scale fluctuations in quasi-about 1 trillion yuan, according to 15% of the average deposit reserve ratio projections, roughly equivalent release 1700 billion yuan of liquidity. “For the fluidity of the equivalent of lowering standards, but much smaller than the drop quasi.” A market source said.

In addition, the aforementioned market participants to the new financial reporter pointed out that, from the end of ten days to ten days the mean value is changed, the bank excess reserves to pay scale will be reduced, but the impact is not too large.

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