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Webchat Company Will Combine Live Broadcast

If I have to say that there are two winners, it is to get a large number of users from the United States to shoot Mito Xiu Xiu, but after being cut off propagation path microblogging lose growth; and by the transition from the Gif deft deft, continue of its instrument of social integration, small and beautiful route. (Saying the recent passing Wudaokou, discovered deft in the LOGO Netease, Sogou, Google next to stand up.)

Whether short or live video, new content platforms are highly dependent on mature social network. We count circle of friends microblogging and how many people live link in the sun, you know how much depends on the live product get traffic from the social network.

Meerkat Like Twitter cut off as they cut off the micro-channel microblogging reflect off the pepper is only a matter of time, if not done for two reasons: one is their own products are not ready, and the second user is not enough .

In fact, the rise of the United States rely on Mito Xiu Xiu beat almost independent short video broadcast platform and the highest possible level. Cai Wensheng trader at the full, including the United States beat, Mito, including Mito mobile phone, but also beat the United States 3.8 billion dollars, as projected valuation of the United States shot only 10 hundreds of millions of dollars throughout. In the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinvestment, if you aim to vote on the order of $ 1 billion, things do tend to last only 100 million dollars.

Therefore, highly dependent on getting traffic from social platforms Live App are, by its very nature, but is a function of microblogging, the letter, the United States beat other products, before it build self-loop social function, which is bound to be a result of social platforms shut off the flow supply and weak, and began to face social platform competition. By then, either die or stop the broadcast platform and tells the story of the transformation.

America and China Have Made Agreement on Exchange Rate

“A few years ago, China and the US on the currency issue deep contradictions, has not reached a consensus, but after several rounds of dialogue, discussion, and now a consensus that this is great progress.” Jacob? Lu expressed, G20 this year States to reach a consensus, first countries to avoid competitive devaluations, the second is to communicate with each other, to avoid misunderstanding. It believes that the global focus on policy toward China, in August last year after China’s exchange rate reform, the market exchange rate fluctuations, the Chinese outreach clear lack of clarity.

“And this year, under the framework of G20 countries reached a consensus on two issues.” Jacob? Lu said that the exchange rate is a field, and the other G20 countries to raise the demand by policy. “China is currently being implemented, while other countries have also introduced a more liberal policy, I believe that such coordination is very important.” In addition, it revealed that since August last year, the global response to the currency markets are in progress, “we believe that China’s recent intervention in the currency market, there is no problem.”

“The reason is that exchange rate fluctuations varied, of course, there are various reasons for intervention,” Jacob? Lu said the currency market up, down in both directions, and it believes that the face of market trends, not when it is in line with the expected direction follow the laws of the market operation, while in the opposite direction, do not follow the laws of the market. “At the same time, countries have the policy tools can be used, but I believe that the use of these standard policy tools should not be very low, on the contrary, it should be of a high standard.”

Turning to the world economy, Jacob? Lu said that the current weak global demand, the tail risk is worrying, but there is no one size fits all approach. “But I think that the problem did not reach very serious. We are closely following global economic trends, to ensure the implementation of G20 consensus can hope that the leaders meeting in September, the world economy will be changed.”

Transformation of Long-time State-owned Companies in Northeast China

“A lot of Chinese manufacturing enterprises are faced with the same dilemma: both first-class plants, also have first-class equipment, but production is not out of the first-class products.” Wafangdian Bearing Group (referred to as “Wazhou”) chairman and party secretary Meng Wei recently in an interview rather mixed feelings. Industrial transformation and upgrading, economic restructuring, foreign trade continued to be sluggish. These problems plagued the northeast old state-owned enterprises, the urgent need to find the answer in reality.

May and June in Dalian, who happens to come a little cool sea breeze from time to time, but in Wazhou workshop, but it is a bustling scene. This after 70 years of stormy temper northeast old state-owned enterprises, in the driving group “commanding heights” and “internationalization” of the two strategies, the revitalized again, and began to play together with the global counterparts.

According to data released by the World Bank show that in 2013 China ranked first in the world manufacturing value added, accounting for 20.8%. However, since 2013, China’s above-scale manufacturing value added declined year by year, in 2015 this figure was 6.1% in the first quarter of this year fell further to 5.8%, the manufacturing sector seems to be the overall economic slowdown hindered maximum points .

After many years in the import and export of high double-digit growth in the past two years also chilly. In the first quarter, China’s foreign trade as a whole continued the down trend, the total import and export 5.2 trillion yuan, down 5.9% over the same period last year, the annual foreign trade “stabilized to the good,” still need to climb over the ridge.

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