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Real Reason Why Zuckerberg’s Account Got Hacked

Zuckerberg at Harvard University dorm room, Facebook, had laughed at the first network security awareness of users. “Now I hold the hands of more than 4,000 mailboxes, photos and addresses what is endless, so these guys are not registered long eye it?” But this time, Zuckerberg also lost Jingzhou, his safety awareness also laugh with their man. This simple password hacker is simply a piece of cake in front, less than 25 seconds to successfully break.

In addition to the password is too simple, Zuckerberg also made another big mistake, that is, in a number of social networking sites sharing passwords that Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest passwords are actually “dadada”. Thus, as long as there is a break, and that all accounts will fall.

However, the good news is that a small bar code on their own products in the left hand, his Facebook and Instagram account has not been broken.

In fact, after a large-scale user information disclosure LinkedIn Many celebrities have been a disaster (such as fruit sister, etc.), the main reason they are black or password is too simple, but as a technology company CEO, Zuckerberg commit such a stupid mistake really do not should. At the same time, it is also very worthy of our reflection, even if the technology will make such a mistake, Daniel, the ordinary user’s password will certainly be even more dangerous.

Of course, as technology evolves, maybe one day we can completely get rid of these people wear a password. Now, however, still obediently increase the difficulty of the password, do not share your password, open the second verify it.

Private Investment on State-owned Projects

According to statistics, from January to April, China’s private investment grew by 5.2%, lower than the 5.3 percent growth rate of the total investment, the growth rate is lower than the same period last year 7.5 percentage points. Meanwhile, private investment in total social investment decline, down 3.2 percentage points over the same period last year.

The State Council inspection team recently in the country’s 18 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to conduct a special inspection found that private capital in many areas still face unfair treatment; pumping loans, down loans, financing issues outstanding; cumbersome government approval, tacit high threshold; high taxes, heavy burden, the willingness to invest is not strong and other issues outstanding.

Refractory companies should be a priority of the government sector restructuring and reform. However, in some places, the quasi-government departments still have not “pro” “clean” heat of government-business relations. “Arms around” Although less, “talk about the mere mention of Suppliers” is more up; management services offside, vacancy, still not in place; “new official to ignore the old accounts” and other ills difficult except. Various malformations business relations policy is difficult to make a good landing, disfigured.

Faced with the needs of private enterprises, government departments should change their mentality, enhance service awareness, forthright and sincere, upright manner of engagement with private enterprise as a positive, forward services to private enterprises to keep abreast of the state preferential policies to improve the synergy among the various policies of supporting and operability. To avoid artificially set recessive disorder, change the “great light and small, light-weight public private” concept.

Global Aviation Industry Develops Fast in the Last Few Years

By 2016, the airline industry average round-trip fare (not including additional expenses and various taxes) is expected to reach $ 366, passenger traffic is expected to reach 3.8 billion people. IATA chairman and CEO Tony Tyler said: “Lower fuel prices significantly improves the performance of the airline industry’s occupancy rate rose to a record level.”

Under the effect of low oil prices and other favorable factors, the aviation industry is expected to return on capital investment in 2016 was 9.8%, the second consecutive year exceed the cost of capital (expected 6.8%). This is the second time the airline industry ever happen.

IATA expects fuel prices in 2016 will remain low, fuel costs the airline industry is expected to account for 19.7% of total expenditure, a significant decline compared with 2012 to 2013 33.1% of the high level. Passenger side, demand remains robust, industry passenger demand in 2016 is expected to increase 6.2%, compared with 2015 growth of 7.4 percent compared to the slowdown. Capacity growth is expected to reach 6.8 percent, slightly higher than the increase in demand, the occupancy rate is expected to remain high at 80%, a slight decline compared with 80.4% in 2015. Revenue is expected to decline 7.0%, unit costs are expected to decline 7.7% in 2016 passenger revenue is expected to reach $ 511 billion, lower than the 2015 level of $ 518 billion. Air cargo industry is expected to generate $ 49.6 billion in revenue, down from the 2015 level of $ 52.8 billion. Industry growth is expected to be affected by weak global economic growth.

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