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What is the Major Aim of Jingdong Finance?

After successfully issuing IOUs ABS and factoring, financial Jingdong layout is larger financial services platform. Jingdong financial May 31 announced that it will build the electricity supplier ABS basic services business platform for asset securitization products domestic electricity supplier enterprises to issue service delivery platform, the window period is 5 years.

Asset securitization infrastructure services provider means after investors buy assets securitized products, the need to provide basic services to recover the interests of the service. Sea Fortis fund companies engaged in years of an asset securitization project manager said, such as a city water affairs company issued asset securitization products, water companies will become the basis for service providers, because investors pay interest on the cash flow from households water, and the water companies is to collect the cash flow to investors and to provide for the payment of interest.

Under the traditional model, basic service provider role assumed by ABS issuers, the United States, too, but sometimes borne by the underwriters. Such as asset securitization of student loans borne by the Government, shall be borne by the auto finance auto finance companies, real estate projects by the real estate issuers to bear and so on.

The main reason Jingdong financial layout of this platform is that the capital market for domestic electricity supplier lack of trust. Experts pointed out that domestic electricity providers generally characterized by small scale model of a single, intense competition, “precarious, enterprises can existence are the questions that no one dare to do their ABS, even if made, will not be investors buy it, because the risk is too high. “

10 Major Innovations are Located in Cities around Changjiang River

From the regional perspective, the geographical advantages of the Yangtze River Delta city group highlight an important convergence zone “along the way” and the Yangtze River economic belt. In addition, convenient traffic conditions, vast economic hinterland, has a modern airport and port cluster Jianghai group, the highway network is also more robust. Promote the further development of the Yangtze River Delta city group, will help drive the simultaneous development of other industries.

Analysts believe that the optimization and upgrading the Yangtze River Delta, is the only way to speed up the formation of new advantages in international competition; is an important way to promote balanced regional development; urbanization is to improve the quality of important initiatives.

It is understood that the Yangtze River Delta city group leading industry innovation direction key areas include 10 areas, namely electronic information, equipment manufacturing, steel manufacturing, petrochemical, automobile, textile, modern finance, modern logistics, commerce and cultural creativity.

In addition, the Yangtze River Delta development of new industries based on the direction of the innovation chain mainly in six aspects, namely the generation of information technology, bio-industry, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, and Beidou industry photovoltaic industry.

“As an important economic driving innovation and carrier-related listed companies will benefit.” Wen Pengchun that, for listed companies, while beneficial to get more quality resources under the policy guidance, on the other hand is conducive to cross-regional inter integration of resources, the development of enterprises inject new impetus.

Members of Asian Investment Bank will be More than 100

According to Japan’s “Sankei Shimbun” reported on June 2, leading Asian investment bank set up by the Chinese, already it has 57 founding members, when the Asian investment bank fell swoop over from Japan as the largest contributor, with 67 members of the Asian Development Bank. China as AIIB facto manager, it seems the number of international members around the financial institutions to expand the “lineup diplomacy” strong added an investment bank to contain negative attitude by Japan and the US.

Chinese English-language newspaper “China Daily” quoted AIIB President Liqun Jin, then reported the news. It is reported that there were approximately 30 countries have expressed willingness added an investment bank, and will make a final decision this year. Jin Liqun, although not disclosed the names of these countries, but is likely to be from countries in the Near East and Africa.

Hong Kong may also be eligible for membership as a regional investment bank Zhunjiaruya. But dissatisfaction with Taiwan must apply to join Chinese regulations by the Ministry of Finance, the “undignified as part of China,” added an investment bank refused.

Japan and the US still added an investment bank held a negative stance. But Jin Liqun said that the Japanese will soon appoint a manager as Asian investment bank. Americans had already served as the Asian investment bank officials, also intends to drive a wedge between Japan and the US move.

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