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What Did US Treasury Secretary Say in Tsinghua University?

Today, we feel very honored to be received US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew, ask him to come to our Tsinghua University, I am pleased to introduce Jacob Lew minister. Jacob Lo is starting in February 2013 as the 76th United States Secretary of the Treasury, before he served as director of the White House Office, the administrative director of the White House Office of Management and Budget in the Clinton administration, he From 1998 2011 period also served this role, he is making the federal government to achieve continuous budget surpluses for three years, in 2010 he returned to the White House Office of management and budget, added Obama. Prior to joining the State Department, who served as minister Lu, executive vice president of New York University, served as CEO of Citigroup and is responsible for public administration professor, he was graduated from Harvard University and a doctorate from Georgetown University, Jacob Lu Minister, welcomes you to Tsinghua University. Thank you!

Tsinghua University and the United States have a long-term relationship, even if there is such a relationship, Tsinghua University was established in 1984 in 1991, when Mr. Zhu served as first president of the leadership in 2000 in the Zhu Yuanzhang under our SEM set up an advisory committee chairman Mr. Gao Shengde Paulson served as chairman of the Committee, in 2000 he served as the uS Treasury Secretary, he started the SED, it was in 2000 . Wal-Mart, the United States General Motors, IBM, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook executives as our consultants in our college’s advisory board, also from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other management staff as our consultants, in our faculty is among the 40 percent who received his PhD from the University of the United States, I myself had learned in six uS universities, back to my alma mater, dean of the college.

Tsinghua University in academic exchange and research policy has been a very active, our research topics related to the national economy and the global economy, we often entertain people from academia and politics, last year we invited the Minister of Finance House China Jiwei, he also Tsinghua alumni, he was introduced about the Chinese economy a number of important issues. Two months ago, our college with other units jointly organized a seminar, there were seven well-known US economist attended the event, including Mr. James Heckman, Paul Sweezy, and we become academic debate center feel very proud. We are very concerned about the economic relations between the two countries, Sino-US economic relations is the world’s most important bilateral economic relationship, this relationship for the global economy is having a significant impact. 35 years ago, in 1981 he graduated from Tsinghua University, a graduate student to the United States, in 1981 China’s GDP is only 6% of US GDP in the last year, that is, in 2015 this proportion had reached 60 percent of US GDP.

High Quality Industries should Step Out of China’s Mainland Market

The forum set up special enterprise market, matchmaking and other key areas, allow enterprises to a good lead, looking for business opportunities. Key focus in the energy mining, machinery equipment, network information, agriculture and agro-processing sector five. Matchmaking will be held during the special and “one to one” meetings to discuss, select and fit high capacity cooperation, a strong desire for cooperation, and basic conditions for cooperation are good hold special Region cooperation projects matchmaking.

Day all contracted projects in Hubei Province is the largest amount of investment and the Joint Development Group Co., Ltd. Yichang City Bureau of Health Industry Co., Ltd. plans to invest in the construction of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan – Hubei Branch of green industrial park project, which investment amounted to 15 billion US dollars, the project covers an area of ​​10 square kilometers, planning construction area energy industry, food processing, industrial area, industrial area electronics and integrated service area.

Xu Shaoshi, the National Development and Reform Commission at the opening ceremony of presentation, the six central provinces strong industrial base, should grasp the “along the way” building opportunity, combined with industrial development, structural adjustment goals and capacity situation, effective docking the international market demand, and actively participate in international capacity Cooperation. National Development and Reform Commission will, as always in major projects, cooperation mechanisms, financial platform to give support.

Deputy Foreign Minister of China Wang Chao said, international cooperation and industrial capacity, is treating the symptoms, the correct response to the world economic problems of prescription, is the inevitable choice return to the real economy, it is to promote economic upgrading of the main channels for the new round help increase scientific and technological revolution, but also guide the international capital to promote orderly.

There is Quite Hot Competition in Theme Park

On May 28, Dalian Wanda Group Cultural tourism business the latest “flagship” products, a total investment of 40 billion yuan in Nanchang Wanda cultural tourism city officially opened. And this contains several large outdoor and indoor theme park “Wanda city”, it seems that more than 700 kilometers outside of Shanghai Disneyland biggest competitor.

Wang Jianlin at the launch again “destabilize” Disney, he said to “speak with the facts” to prove who is superior and foreign tourism brand. Previously, Wang Jianlin in a television interview, said publicly that the program is not optimistic about the Shanghai Disneyland, called over-reliance on past IP (intellectual property), such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other innovation is not enough, and the construction cost is too high.

Wang Jianlin’s “rhetoric” caused a public hot, Disney’s Shanghai office has said “do not merit a response.” However, shortly thereafter, a city Wanda Disney Snow White image photos make the story “God turning point.” Media reports Nanchang Wanda use the Disney cartoon theme park, Disney immediately said, “These illegal but poor cottage products so that all people have greater expectations disappointed, will take action to address intellectual property infringement.”

For Disney’s infringement allegations, Wanda aspect is tough response, media reports alleged “Wanda Paradise” concept is wrong, in fact, Wanda Wanda Mau city commercial business district. Nanchang City Wanda format rich, Mao Wanda, Wanda park, hotel groups, Bar Street. Wanda Park (theme parks, marine parks, movie theme park) all display, promotion and other business activities never used any Disney image. The Nanchang Wanda Mao Disney-related business image and promotional merchandise, are the official licensed Disney, there is no infringement.

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