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Make Ecological Management on Resource Environment

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Land Resources and other nine ministries jointly issued “Guidance on strengthening resource management and control environmental and ecological red line,” put forward, based on food and ecological security, the main function of positioning and development strength, large-scale urban and rural population, per capita construction land standards and other factors, the permanent demarcation of basic farmland, stringent implementation of the permanent protection of the scale of new construction land occupation of cultivated land total control, implement the balance of arable land, to ensure that the number of land does not fall, the quality is not reduced. Supply and demand of land particularly prominent areas, to set strict total urban and rural construction land use control targets.
“Guidance” to promote the establishment of resource ecology red line of control environment, and strictly delineated by the upper limit resource consumption, environmental quality and the bottom line, the red line of ecological protection, strengthen environmental and ecological red line resource constraints indicators, the various types of economic and social activities defined in the red line control within the range. “Guidance” clearly strengthen environmental and ecological red line resource management and control of the general requirements, basic principles, control content, indexes setting, control systems and their implementation. For sectoral priorities, to take charge of land and resources control limit consumption of land resources, the permanent demarcation of basic farmland, natural ecological space acquisition (occupation) with management.
“Guidance” also proposed to set the bottom line of farmland soil environmental quality indicators, the regional agricultural soil environmental quality compliance rate of not less than the status quo. Conditions are ripe areas, should the city, mining and other contaminated land management environmental quality into the bottom line. Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Shandong Province and other air pollution control in key regions and cities, the indicator must be clear coal accounting for the proportion of energy consumption, coal consumption reduction control.
“Guidance” requirements, objectives determined from the establishment of the red line control and decomposition of the implementation mechanism, improve and red control compatible access system, strengthen the resource environment and ecology red regulate and strengthen the statistical monitoring capacity-building, resources and environment carrying capacity of monitoring and early warning mechanism the establishment of several aspects of the red control responsibility system, accelerate the formation of the source to prevent, strict management process, accountability of the red line of control system.

If Lei Jun should Pay 1 Billion, I would Go Help the Poor

Recently, Gree Group Chairman Dong Mingzhu to participate in activities at the time of Tsinghua University, said that if Lei Jun 1 billion cash, I went to poverty alleviation. December 2013, CCTV “2013 China Economic Person of the Year Award”, the LEI initiate gambling regulations to Dong Mingzhu said, “millet turnover within five years if not beat Gree, Dong Mingzhu it lost a dollar.” Dong Mingzhu was also not a sign of weakness, directly refute the views and Lei Jun alluding to focus only on marketing companies is difficult to rapid development, but also fight back says, “Do not mention a dollar to a bet 10 one hundred million.”

Tsinghua University, Dong Mingzhu that the manufacturing entrepreneur, if the heart is filled with consumers, I believe that Chinese consumers will not go abroad to buy a rice cooker. In Japan, rice cooker Gree and Japan have a rice cooker to do comparison. Consumers in terms of taste, Gree cooker is better than Japan; more importantly, Gree nutrition Baocheng better than Japanese rice cooker. But the reality is that at this stage: China’s manufacturing is recognized as the world is synonymous with low quality.

Said Dong Mingzhu, Gree began an assembly plant, it is the real traditional companies. Without innovation is the traditional business enterprise. Earned money is power, technology is earned. Gree has more than 8,000 technical staff, but not fawning, all the staff are not educated abroad, they are Chinese graduate student, Gree training. First, the most important is the cultivation of talents and moral responsibility. There are many Chinese manufacturing enterprises not ultimately go, facing bankruptcy because of lack of a system, lack of talent.

The PMI of China’s Service Industry Went Down to 51.2

From the breakdown of the data, the volume of new business in the service sector growth slowed in May, and still below the long term average. The total amount of new orders in manufacturing 3 slightly wounded, a decline quite mild. Overall, the total amount of new business a slight increase in May, the growth rate was the slowest since February.

In May, the second consecutive month increase in service industry employment, but still a slight overall increase, some companies postponed due to restructuring plans to recruit additional staff. Manufacturing employment is generally much further compression. Thus, the total integrated May employment continue to decline slightly, with the decline in April was flat.

Services confidence fell to the lowest this year. While many companies expect to improve customer demand, the company expansion plans and other factors in the coming year to support the expansion of business activities, but there are also companies said the uncertain economic outlook, weakening the overall business confidence.

Moneta macro research director Zhong Zhengsheng said that since February this year, although the composite PMI is still in expansionary territory, but has been a continuous decline, which is double the growth in manufacturing and services fell due. The current contraction in manufacturing, the service sector expanded structural adjustment direction unchanged, improved the overall economy also depends on the government to implement the policy of steady growth. Meanwhile, the government is also necessary deregulation of services, continue to release the growth potential of the service sector, boosting economic transformation and healthy development.

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