MSN Chinese Website Officially Annouced “Out of Service”

On June 7, 2016, MSN Chinese website officially “out of service”, switching from page news for the popular site labels. So far, the market in China more than 11 years, claiming that for white-collar users of Microsoft’s information portal exit.

Back in May 26, 2005. Day, MSN Messenger revision, MSN Chinese network while officially entered the Chinese market. In order to obtain Internet business license (ICP license), and Yahoo China portal, Microsoft and Chinese company according to equity ratio of 1 to 1, to set up a network communications Technology Co., Ltd., to provide information services.

In order to successfully enter China and localization, MSN Chinese network has been taken to channel outsourcing mode. From the initial nine partners, the last more than 30. Some executives MSN China had said the original reason for outsourcing is to “let the professional people to do professional things,” to avoid the risk of editorial content. But Yahoo and MSN China are Chinese network has shut down.

According to reports, in recent years, MSN repeated adjustments: in March 2015, Microsoft announced business restructuring, will go to the Windows division’s MSN division; in June 2015, on the line after the redesigned MSN Chinese network, and plans to promote Windows other major platforms, iOS and Android. But these initiatives failed to turn the tide.

Has created a new mode of cooperation on this portal, “drained.” Why?

First, the Chinese Internet media competition, MSN Chinese net overwhelmed. In Chinese, has already formed a business portal Sina, Sohu, Netease, Tencent based pattern in the past 11 years, MSN Chinese network does not exceed any of the local portal. With the development of the Internet from the PC to the mobile terminal side, portals with varying degrees of recession, new media and other news clients such as rapid development. By contrast, MSN Chinese net only few characteristics, and lack of innovation.

NetEase Youdao Continue Cultivating the Campus Market

Following the proper way English martial arts tournament held last year, NetEase Youdao dictionary continue cultivating the campus market. Recently, the first “way dictionary Singing World” 2016 Western Campus Singer Competition Finals held at Tsinghua University, the top three players from the three regional tournament, along with three of the most popular network “resurrection” of 12 players competing against strong, good sound annual competition for Western title. In the industry view, this is another important attempt NetEase Youdao dictionary innovative cross-border road.

It is understood that the hottest live platform also collective battle, except in the finals live way dictionary official platform outside, but also pepper, millet, betta, Netease bobo other platforms will be broadcast live off the audience or via PC phone watch live exciting events.

“Now mobile Internet environment for our Western provides more space for alternative learning,” Liu Ren Lei, vice president of NetEase proper way, “said last year either English or martial arts tournament of this year’s Western Campus Singer Competition, way dictionary been trying is through some interesting ways to mobilize the enthusiasm of everyone to learn, to help you better enjoy the pleasure of a foreign language. ”

Data show that the market share accounted for 80% of the way dictionary, based on 550 million users massing its absolute superiority, cohesion has become the most influential people learning English education platform.

Webchat Company Will Combine Live Broadcast

If I have to say that there are two winners, it is to get a large number of users from the United States to shoot Mito Xiu Xiu, but after being cut off propagation path microblogging lose growth; and by the transition from the Gif deft deft, continue of its instrument of social integration, small and beautiful route. (Saying the recent passing Wudaokou, discovered deft in the LOGO Netease, Sogou, Google next to stand up.)

Whether short or live video, new content platforms are highly dependent on mature social network. We count circle of friends microblogging and how many people live link in the sun, you know how much depends on the live product get traffic from the social network.

Meerkat Like Twitter cut off as they cut off the micro-channel microblogging reflect off the pepper is only a matter of time, if not done for two reasons: one is their own products are not ready, and the second user is not enough .

In fact, the rise of the United States rely on Mito Xiu Xiu beat almost independent short video broadcast platform and the highest possible level. Cai Wensheng trader at the full, including the United States beat, Mito, including Mito mobile phone, but also beat the United States 3.8 billion dollars, as projected valuation of the United States shot only 10 hundreds of millions of dollars throughout. In the area of ​​investment, if you aim to vote on the order of $ 1 billion, things do tend to last only 100 million dollars.

Therefore, highly dependent on getting traffic from social platforms Live App are, by its very nature, but is a function of microblogging, the letter, the United States beat other products, before it build self-loop social function, which is bound to be a result of social platforms shut off the flow supply and weak, and began to face social platform competition. By then, either die or stop the broadcast platform and tells the story of the transformation.

Real Reason Why Zuckerberg’s Account Got Hacked

Zuckerberg at Harvard University dorm room, Facebook, had laughed at the first network security awareness of users. “Now I hold the hands of more than 4,000 mailboxes, photos and addresses what is endless, so these guys are not registered long eye it?” But this time, Zuckerberg also lost Jingzhou, his safety awareness also laugh with their man. This simple password hacker is simply a piece of cake in front, less than 25 seconds to successfully break.

In addition to the password is too simple, Zuckerberg also made another big mistake, that is, in a number of social networking sites sharing passwords that Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest passwords are actually “dadada”. Thus, as long as there is a break, and that all accounts will fall.

However, the good news is that a small bar code on their own products in the left hand, his Facebook and Instagram account has not been broken.

In fact, after a large-scale user information disclosure LinkedIn Many celebrities have been a disaster (such as fruit sister, etc.), the main reason they are black or password is too simple, but as a technology company CEO, Zuckerberg commit such a stupid mistake really do not should. At the same time, it is also very worthy of our reflection, even if the technology will make such a mistake, Daniel, the ordinary user’s password will certainly be even more dangerous.

Of course, as technology evolves, maybe one day we can completely get rid of these people wear a password. Now, however, still obediently increase the difficulty of the password, do not share your password, open the second verify it.

What is the Major Aim of Jingdong Finance?

After successfully issuing IOUs ABS and factoring, financial Jingdong layout is larger financial services platform. Jingdong financial May 31 announced that it will build the electricity supplier ABS basic services business platform for asset securitization products domestic electricity supplier enterprises to issue service delivery platform, the window period is 5 years.

Asset securitization infrastructure services provider means after investors buy assets securitized products, the need to provide basic services to recover the interests of the service. Sea Fortis fund companies engaged in years of an asset securitization project manager said, such as a city water affairs company issued asset securitization products, water companies will become the basis for service providers, because investors pay interest on the cash flow from households water, and the water companies is to collect the cash flow to investors and to provide for the payment of interest.

Under the traditional model, basic service provider role assumed by ABS issuers, the United States, too, but sometimes borne by the underwriters. Such as asset securitization of student loans borne by the Government, shall be borne by the auto finance auto finance companies, real estate projects by the real estate issuers to bear and so on.

The main reason Jingdong financial layout of this platform is that the capital market for domestic electricity supplier lack of trust. Experts pointed out that domestic electricity providers generally characterized by small scale model of a single, intense competition, “precarious, enterprises can existence are the questions that no one dare to do their ABS, even if made, will not be investors buy it, because the risk is too high. “

What Did US Treasury Secretary Say in Tsinghua University?

Today, we feel very honored to be received US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew, ask him to come to our Tsinghua University, I am pleased to introduce Jacob Lew minister. Jacob Lo is starting in February 2013 as the 76th United States Secretary of the Treasury, before he served as director of the White House Office, the administrative director of the White House Office of Management and Budget in the Clinton administration, he From 1998 2011 period also served this role, he is making the federal government to achieve continuous budget surpluses for three years, in 2010 he returned to the White House Office of management and budget, added Obama. Prior to joining the State Department, who served as minister Lu, executive vice president of New York University, served as CEO of Citigroup and is responsible for public administration professor, he was graduated from Harvard University and a doctorate from Georgetown University, Jacob Lu Minister, welcomes you to Tsinghua University. Thank you!

Tsinghua University and the United States have a long-term relationship, even if there is such a relationship, Tsinghua University was established in 1984 in 1991, when Mr. Zhu served as first president of the leadership in 2000 in the Zhu Yuanzhang under our SEM set up an advisory committee chairman Mr. Gao Shengde Paulson served as chairman of the Committee, in 2000 he served as the uS Treasury Secretary, he started the SED, it was in 2000 . Wal-Mart, the United States General Motors, IBM, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook executives as our consultants in our college’s advisory board, also from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other management staff as our consultants, in our faculty is among the 40 percent who received his PhD from the University of the United States, I myself had learned in six uS universities, back to my alma mater, dean of the college.

Tsinghua University in academic exchange and research policy has been a very active, our research topics related to the national economy and the global economy, we often entertain people from academia and politics, last year we invited the Minister of Finance House China Jiwei, he also Tsinghua alumni, he was introduced about the Chinese economy a number of important issues. Two months ago, our college with other units jointly organized a seminar, there were seven well-known US economist attended the event, including Mr. James Heckman, Paul Sweezy, and we become academic debate center feel very proud. We are very concerned about the economic relations between the two countries, Sino-US economic relations is the world’s most important bilateral economic relationship, this relationship for the global economy is having a significant impact. 35 years ago, in 1981 he graduated from Tsinghua University, a graduate student to the United States, in 1981 China’s GDP is only 6% of US GDP in the last year, that is, in 2015 this proportion had reached 60 percent of US GDP.

Make Ecological Management on Resource Environment

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Land Resources and other nine ministries jointly issued “Guidance on strengthening resource management and control environmental and ecological red line,” put forward, based on food and ecological security, the main function of positioning and development strength, large-scale urban and rural population, per capita construction land standards and other factors, the permanent demarcation of basic farmland, stringent implementation of the permanent protection of the scale of new construction land occupation of cultivated land total control, implement the balance of arable land, to ensure that the number of land does not fall, the quality is not reduced. Supply and demand of land particularly prominent areas, to set strict total urban and rural construction land use control targets.
“Guidance” to promote the establishment of resource ecology red line of control environment, and strictly delineated by the upper limit resource consumption, environmental quality and the bottom line, the red line of ecological protection, strengthen environmental and ecological red line resource constraints indicators, the various types of economic and social activities defined in the red line control within the range. “Guidance” clearly strengthen environmental and ecological red line resource management and control of the general requirements, basic principles, control content, indexes setting, control systems and their implementation. For sectoral priorities, to take charge of land and resources control limit consumption of land resources, the permanent demarcation of basic farmland, natural ecological space acquisition (occupation) with management.
“Guidance” also proposed to set the bottom line of farmland soil environmental quality indicators, the regional agricultural soil environmental quality compliance rate of not less than the status quo. Conditions are ripe areas, should the city, mining and other contaminated land management environmental quality into the bottom line. Beijing, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Shandong Province and other air pollution control in key regions and cities, the indicator must be clear coal accounting for the proportion of energy consumption, coal consumption reduction control.
“Guidance” requirements, objectives determined from the establishment of the red line control and decomposition of the implementation mechanism, improve and red control compatible access system, strengthen the resource environment and ecology red regulate and strengthen the statistical monitoring capacity-building, resources and environment carrying capacity of monitoring and early warning mechanism the establishment of several aspects of the red control responsibility system, accelerate the formation of the source to prevent, strict management process, accountability of the red line of control system.

Storm Group Makes More Invest on Sports Things

Announcements, storm sports business scope is mainly organizational culture and art exchange activities, research and development of wireless data terminal; sports project management; sales of electronic products, sporting goods pin textiles, clothing, shoes, daily necessities, communications equipment, computers, software and auxiliary equipment and ticketing agents.

Storm Group to enter the sports industry signs in announcing the first quarter of this year began to take shape. Feng Xin was in the “letter to shareholders” revealed three important tasks Storm technology in the future to do a year, of which two are involved in the sports industry.

Feng Xin has announced that this year his personal main focus will be placed on the layout of sports.

Then Feng Xin layout in the sports industry will gradually fall. This year, May 24, the investment by the storm of Science and Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary of the storm, and China Everbright, a wholly owned subsidiary of securities Everbright Capital co-sponsored the establishment of the Shanghai dip Xin Investment Fund announced that it has completed the acquisition of the international sports media services company MP & Silva 65% stake .

Public information, MP & Silva’s operations include the 2016 UEFA competitions, the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, etc., covering more than 90 events worldwide property more than 200 countries and territories.

High Cost of Logistics of Supermarket

High cost of logistics is perhaps one of the reasons Wal-Mart is currently testing the waters online shopping, store goods from mentioning mode. RT-Mart and NGS also try online shopping to the store from mentioning the way, but this model requires the retailer must have a sufficient geographical distribution, in order to meet customer delivery needs, otherwise the customer inconvenience delivery.

In the electricity supplier business landing logistics, Wal-Mart plans to work with real-time software Uber and other vehicles in the United States to test the water from Wal-Mart stores and Sam’s Club stores to provide customers with home delivery service. In order to pay for the convenience of customers, Wal-Mart also introduced similar to Apple Pay electronic payment business Walmart Pay, you can bind the customer’s credit card for payment. Currently Walmart Pay in the United States about 1,000 stores to test the water use plan by the end of June this year to cover the entire US market.

Many forced physical store business is not so good reasons to get involved in the electricity business retailers. RT-Mart retail giants in June 2013 voted to build online store Flying Cow network; Carrefour, Metro also has turned electricity supplier shopping business.

“Times are changing, now is the age of the Internet, customer needs and shopping patterns are changing, we have seen more guests need to save time, of course, they also want to get cheap at the same time, we tried to develop business electricity supplier, guests can purchase online, then pick up the line. “Dongming Lun disclosed.

America and China Have Made Agreement on Exchange Rate

“A few years ago, China and the US on the currency issue deep contradictions, has not reached a consensus, but after several rounds of dialogue, discussion, and now a consensus that this is great progress.” Jacob? Lu expressed, G20 this year States to reach a consensus, first countries to avoid competitive devaluations, the second is to communicate with each other, to avoid misunderstanding. It believes that the global focus on policy toward China, in August last year after China’s exchange rate reform, the market exchange rate fluctuations, the Chinese outreach clear lack of clarity.

“And this year, under the framework of G20 countries reached a consensus on two issues.” Jacob? Lu said that the exchange rate is a field, and the other G20 countries to raise the demand by policy. “China is currently being implemented, while other countries have also introduced a more liberal policy, I believe that such coordination is very important.” In addition, it revealed that since August last year, the global response to the currency markets are in progress, “we believe that China’s recent intervention in the currency market, there is no problem.”

“The reason is that exchange rate fluctuations varied, of course, there are various reasons for intervention,” Jacob? Lu said the currency market up, down in both directions, and it believes that the face of market trends, not when it is in line with the expected direction follow the laws of the market operation, while in the opposite direction, do not follow the laws of the market. “At the same time, countries have the policy tools can be used, but I believe that the use of these standard policy tools should not be very low, on the contrary, it should be of a high standard.”

Turning to the world economy, Jacob? Lu said that the current weak global demand, the tail risk is worrying, but there is no one size fits all approach. “But I think that the problem did not reach very serious. We are closely following global economic trends, to ensure the implementation of G20 consensus can hope that the leaders meeting in September, the world economy will be changed.”

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